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In our firm we divide our work into two main parts: design and construction.


The designing process includes the production and development of all elements for the building to be executed.

We normaly develop “contemporary mexican style” projects. This style features many constructive and decorative elements from the traditional mexican architecture, such as archways, mouldings, nitches, red brick domes, floor treatments and other diverse elements that will bring the desired mexican look. We can also, according to client’s desires, necesities and specifications, develop other architectural styles in order to accomplish our clients requirements.

The designing process consists of two steps: pre-project and executive plans.


After discussing with the client the requirements, necessities and characteristics of the comissioned design, we proceed to develop preliminary drawings in full scale blueprints, developing architectural lay-outs, sections and elevations for the correct interpretation of the proposed ideas.

During the pre-project process and the production of preliminary drawings, many basic elements are taken into consideration, such as orientations, dominant winds, esthetic and decorative details. We seek the optimal architectural solution that will be functional in specific weather conditions that occur in the Mexican tropics.

Most of our designs feature pools, exterior patios and garden landscaping. We have successfully created many styles of pools: with stone cascades, interior benches, interior bar stools and counters, mosaic colour combinations and shapes in order to offer a unique characteristics to each pool.

During the pre-project process, we ellaborate all necessary corrections and sets of preliminary drawings in order to reach the approval from the client. After receiving approval, we proceed to ellaborate the final set of executive plans.


Once the client has approved the preliminary drawings, we produce the executive plans. These are a complete set of plans, including: foundation, structure, structural calculations and details, architectural floorplans, elevations, sections, water systems , electricity systems, carpentery and finishings.

We try to feature as much information as possible in our plans in order to avoid mistakes and unexpected future expenses; a building without improvisations avoids unexpected construction costs.


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