After finishing the complete set of executive plans, we proceed to price the building entirely. It is important to have already discussed the style and quality of finishing materials with the client. The final selection of finishing materials will absolutely determine the final cost of building, therefor we must agree on all the finishings, on masonry, ceramic floors, finished countertops, bathroom fixtures, carpentery, windows and any other quality.

The building contract specifies all aspects of the building: constructive process, brands and measures of all masonry, plumbing, electricity and carpentery items. This is necessary in order to have everything settled in the contract according to information noted from the executive plans.

Building contract includes a cash flow program. It specifies the monthly amounts for the financial developing of the building.

The final cost of construction includes materials costs, hand labour, social security payments and professional fees for supervision.

The last monthly payment for construction will be made after the building is completed to the client’s satisfaction. This last payment represents 12% of the entire investment.

Our firm offers a 6 month period of guaranty free of charge for all construction malfunctions.



We have a large team of experienced contractors that are skilled in all the necessary fields. They have collaborated with us for many years, creating an efficient and well coordinated work team that gets the job well done and on schedule.

We guarantee our clients that the commissioned building will be completed in good terms, according to programmed timing for construction and according to the original pricing for the work. Always trying to avoid additional expenses, accomplishes a satisfactory quality of service and construction. We consider that the opinion and satisfaction of our clients are the best source of promotion we have.


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